Sunday, February 26, 2017

It's about TIME..

I finally committed to finding a large clock to hang in the entry way of our living room. I came across this beauty on Instagram and it happened to be on sale! 

We hung her up yesterday and it looks so  good. The room is starting to finally have some personality. Love it!

Still plenty to do to make this area cute, since everything on the table is leftover "Christmas decor" that I deemed still appropriate for January haha, but at least something is covering the big blank wall!


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Gallery Wall

Ever since moving into our house almost 4 months ago, I have yet to hang anything on my walls. I don't know if it's because it made me nervous to commit to something and put holes in my walls OR if it was just that I like the clean, not cluttered look. Well, I had ordered some prints awhile back that I've been wanting put somewhere, but at the time wasn't sure where. So, while I'm still on my holiday break from work, I decided now is the time!

First, I took all the measurements of the walls and decided how much space I wanted between the pictures as well as how much empty space I wanted left over on each side of the "gallery". 

Second, I traced my frames on some butcher paper so I could tape those up on the wall to get an idea of where I wanted everything. 

Next, I put nails in the center of the paper where I knew the hangers would hit. 

Lastly, I ripped the paper down (carefully) and hung up my pictures! I hope to add some more fun things to it later. 

I love it! 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Decor!

I absolutely LOVE decorating for Christmas. The lights, sparkle, and greenery makes my heart so happy. This was my first time decorating my new house and I had a lot of fun finding the exact way I wanted it. The only bad part so far is that I only decorated the living room (where I spend all of my time), as Aaron is a bit of a scrooge. Although he did help me with the tree and the the lights out on the porch (I'll have to post those later.)  I did end up waiting until the Friday after Thanksgiving even though it seemed like EVERYONE was putting up their decorations so early this year! I vow to never put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, because Aaron would probably go nuts if I started any earlier! :)

I didn't decorate the tree too much, as I thought it was so pretty all on its own with the frosted tips, pine cones and lights already on it. I did add 3 NOEL decorations on it, which was good enough for this year. 

This is the gorgeous tv stand dresser that my dad made for me. It is exactly what I envisioned and looks so good decorated for Christmas. Love it!

Bailey, my dog, loves to lay next to the tree. So cute and pretty at night. 


Saturday, October 10, 2015

One Month - Before & After Pictures


Family Room..

 Laundry Room..

Living Room..

Guest Bedroom #1..

 Guest Bedroom #2 (turned into walk-in closet)..

Guest Bathroom..

 Master Bathroom..

 Master Bedroom..